Frequently Asked Questions

Daycare means that you’re leaving your pet with us for a period of time during the day and will pick up your pet by end of the same day. Boarding means that you’re leaving your pet with us for one or more nights.

Socialization and exercise are crucial for a healthy, well-adjusted dog. Dog owners often utilize daycare for the benefits of socialization with other dogs and people. Ideally, daycare is a safer environment than dog parks, because all of the dogs have been evaluated and are supervised by an experienced staff. Dog owners also use daycare so their pets are worn out from play, especially in the frigid Michigan winter months when it is too cold to safely go out for walks or play outside.

Our staff is extensively trained on humane handling and force-free practices. Our staff is knowledgeable in canine first aid, CPR and animal behavior.

Force-free practices use a humane approach to handling and caring for animals. It means our staff will never punish, forcefully handle, or push your pet to do something they are not comfortable with. Instead, staff will give your pet choice and reinforce appropriate choices.

Aversive-based practices have been extensively shown to have negative effects on animal’s mental and physical health. When it comes to the daycare and boarding environment, we want to ensure your pet is having the least stressful experience possible. Aversive practices increase stress so they are completely off the table here.

We want to avoid overstimulation and unnecessary stress by giving each dog breaks for rest throughout the day. Dog’s normal activity patterns include a period of rest midday. Playing and/or socializing for the entire day does not give your dog the opportunity for rest and can have negative impacts on their behavior. Break time is not a punishment and is kept positive with a snack and relaxing music. It gives your dog the opportunity to rest and recharge!

Small group sizes ensure every dog gets the attention and care they need from our staff during group play, which not only helps keep dogs safe, but helps ensure each dog is having a good time. Large playgroups run the risk of dogs getting overwhelmed and over stimulated, which increases the risk of dogs having a bad experience.

No. Our staff is awake monitoring the boarding areas with the dogs.

Yes. We can accommodate your wishes and board your pets together, as space allows.

Yes. We have designated areas reserved for private play where your pet will be safely separated from all of the other pets.

We understand plans change and you may need to cancel your dog's reservation. Cancellations can be made any time with no charges or cancellation fees.

For your dog’s overnight stay, please pack enough food and medications for the length of your dog’s stay and label all of his/her belongings with your name and your pet’s name. We will provide beds, blankets, bowls, toys, and treats.

Your dog may have one or two toys to play with in their kennel or Luxury Suite during their stay. If you bring toys from home, be sure to mark them with permanent ink with your last name. Your dog’s toys will stay in the kennel and we do our best to return all toys.

During the day, dogs are rotated through group play areas or in our private play area, depending on their individual temperament. During breaks dogs will enjoy a treat-filled Kong and/or lunch while listening to calming music to give them a chance to reset and recharge before resuming play for the rest of the afternoon. At 4PM we place all of the dogs in their own kennels before feeding them dinner per your instructions. At 6PM we begin to let the dogs outside for a potty break. Then it’s bedtime. Overnight staff makes sure each dog gets an extra potty break if they need it and ensures they are safe and cared for 24/7. The next morning at 5:30AM, we feed all of the dogs. Then they are let out to play in group or private play.

No. We carefully evaluate each dog as an individual. We are confident in our experience and ability to recognize potentially problematic behaviors, regardless of breed or type.

We have a mix of indoor and outdoor play areas where dogs will eliminate. Our highly trained staff continuously monitors all elimination behavior and regularly cleans these areas.

Because the dogs are always supervised, we are able to immediately spot clean any messes. We use safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.